Scrap Metal, The “S” Is Not Silent In Scrap!

That’s Scrap Metal, Not Crap Metal.

Does anyone have an idea why scrap is sometimes discribed as metal waist? If it was not for this commodity, we would use up the earth’s natural resources so quickly, it would be insane! Not to mention, where would we put it all?

When did everyone stop understanding the importance of using the resources that we have? Are they just hoping that we will develop new ones?

Scrap metal prices are through the roof, and so is the need for it. China and India are building like there is no tomorrow, while the rest of the world remains in a recession.

Buildings that would normally be torn down are still standing erect, and probably will be for quite some time. Therefore, I fear the supply is going to be low for a while.

"The Money Is The Motivator"

As an international trader, I know we are in it for the money, primarily. Everything else is secondary to putting food on the table. I wouldn’t have entered into the lion’s den to begin with, if it were not for the money.

Let’s give thought to this for a moment, if we can get more people to recycle their steel scrap, whether it is ferrous metals, or non-ferrous metals, there will be more for us to distribute throughout the world. While we are helping to save ourselves, we will be putting more money in our pockets. It's a win-win situation.

However, We Can Have It Both Ways.

Let's work together as a team, educating ourselves, and others the best we can. Making a difference starts with us, and that means making a difference in the way we conduct business.

If you plan to survive inside the lion’s den, you will have to learn how to be in control of the situation. If that is something that you feel willing to do, then stay around and we will get it right together. Read on, there’s a lot more on the other pages.

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