Freight Forwarders Will Help Make Shipping Arrangements For You.

Freight forwarders, or as you will come to know them, international freight forwarders, are going to be a good, close friend to have. The more you work with one and give them business, the more they will want to work with you on all your forwarding needs.

There is quite a process to becoming one of these professionals. I personally choose not to. It may however be something that you will look into in the future, once you understand the system and how it works. I would not suggest it until you do.

We will cover some of their job description here at the guide, but there are items of interest that I will not know enough about to explain. If there were someone you knew that had inside credible knowledge and would like to share with us, we would love to make that happen. We "all" need to learn everything we can about the issues not familiar to us.

There Are Many, Choose A Team Member.

A freight forwarding service will differ in what they can offer. Some do everything from air, land, rail, to ships but others may only specialize in a certain field.

They will all want to try to help you but, when they hear the words scrap metal, they may not be able to.

Shipping companies fear damage to their containers, and depending on where it is being shipped to, there may be stipulations. Do your homework! Go beyond what we go over here or it will cost you both time and money? On the other hand, you can simply hope for the best.

Meaning, you get it done FOB, and work with a buyer and a seller that will pay you in the end. If it is an American supplier, and you have a “contract” with that person, the law is on your side. However, I am not fully familiar with the laws of other countries, so please do your homework.

International laws are one thing, but if the scrap yard owner gives enough money to the government on Election Day, anything can happen.

Creating A Value Gets You Paid.

I’m going to cover shipping companies on this site as well. Shipping companies have in house freight forwarders that you can use. However, they will not handle over the road logistics. Therefore, at times you will actually work with both the shipping company's freight forwarders, as well as another freight forwarding service, just separately.

Wow! This isn’t as much fun as sitting in my boxers and getting rich off one deal! It's ok, nobody else ever does either. They just say that they do. Now I hope you are starting to understand why traders get by-passed. If they have nothing to offer but running their mouths, and bring nothing to the table that is of value, to either side, They will be used, and disposed of. However, the real traders, those who have value, will be remembered, thanked, and paid. That is what we are going to be… real traders.

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