"Damascus Steel"
Steel With A History That Remains A Legend.

Damascus steel obviously requires no formal introduction from someone like myself who cannot possibly give it the credit and the descriptions that it so deserves.

As our website continues to grow and moves forward in its development, I will be adding the very best metal smiths I can find in hopes of being able to bring to you the products that I know you are looking for.

Such products as legendary Damascus swords, Damascus knives, Damascus wedding rings, and even a few items made of Damascus steel that you may not have know existed. However, once I start the search, I’m going to be meticulous about whom I choose to be our providers so please be patient and keep checking in for the latest.

Below I put together some history on Ancient Damascus as well as Damascus steel that I think you will enjoy. With any luck, you will learn a little something that you didn’t know before and will gain a larger fascination and respect for the city’s history, their culture, and the secret art of forging steel, as I did.

”The Ancient City of Damascus”

There is a place where if the walls could talk, they would go on until the end of days with the stories they would feel compelled to have to tell. That place is, “Ancient Damascus” and it is the capital city of Syria. You may not realize it, but it is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the entire world. It has never been destroyed, so it never ceased to exist.

For that reason, you can imagine it’s fullness of archaeological sites along with a strong Islamic culture. To see it is to take a walk through ancient history as it reveals to you its medieval structures and astonishing palace gardens. It is also known as “The passage to Mecca, “which is the pavilion of all Muslims and God’s paradise on earth. You have never seen anything so extensive as its orchard, as fine as its fruits, and as plentiful as its water. It is said the water is so abundant that a fountain can be found in every household.

If you ever find the chance to visit Syria, then not going to Ancient Damascus would indeed be a crime in and of itself. If you are the type of person that I am, then you will want to sit back and soak up the rich cultural environment running throughout the alleyways and into the streets.

There are outdoor markets by day, and a continuous stream of music by night. If there is one thing that I personally enjoy more than anything else, it is to be surrounded in an atmosphere where I deem myself to have very little to absolutely no choice but to let it all fade out on its own. Getting up and making an exit is simply not an option. Ancient Damascus, the capital of Syria is guaranteed to give you that type of feel.

” The Meaning Of The Word Damascus “

This word Damascus can only be defined by the one telling the story. I would really like to hear those walls talk so that I would get a better understanding of it myself. By walls I am not only referring to those that line the alleyways of the market but also the high walls that have always protected the city, brilliantly preserved as part of their geographical history, standing perfectly erect still today.

Some historical sources say that the word Damascus comes from the word (dam shaq) which in essence means “A town built on the rock where the blood of Mash, the forth son of Aram Bin Sam Bin Noah, flowed after he took a severe a blow to his head by his very own brother. It seems that they could not come to an agreement as to what the name of the new town should be. “Anger Management” classes were obviously a thing of the future and not the past. Family councilors were probably booked solid as well.

A total different take on the words origin says it was taking from the word “damashaq” which means a fast moving camel, not referring to the one that the brother happened to own evidently. Ok I’ll get off that and stop beating a dead horse, or camel, or whatever. Sorry, I’ll move on now.

Others believe it was named after Damashaq the great grandson of Sam son of Noah, who actually built the city. However, to a person like me that hadn’t heard of these interpretations prior to studying them out, Damascus was known solely for one extraordinary thing….

”Damascus Steel"

Now when the word “Steel “is added to the word Damascus, there seems to be very little, if any confusion as to the meaning.

From what we know, the original Damascus steel swords may have been made near Damascus, Syria, in the period from 900 AD to as late as 1750 AD but quickly gained its reputation during the Crusades.

Damascus steel was the name that the Crusaders gave to the steel that they had witnessed slicing through their own, lesser quality swords, cutting the sword in half in a single swipe without ever losing its edge.

The next swipe would do the same to the body of that less fortunate Crusader.

The steel that was forged by the sword smiths of Ancient Damascus was such a well-kept secret, that it cannot be perfectly replicated even today. The process was lost to the middle-eastern metal smiths around 1750 AD, possibly because sources of ores containing trace amounts of tungsten and/or vanadium needed for its production were depleted. So with the raw materials and recipes of the metal smiths' to make these items no longer available, it causes a bit of a problem. Numerous attempts have been made to recreate the process with varying success, but the original process remains speculative at best.

Modern day Damascus steel is a very sought after commodity. I would say for more than just the logical reasons such as its quality and its beauty.

It is also due to the mystery and the history that continually surrounds it, intriguing others to have to own a little piece of it. If I would not own it myself then I will not represent it either. Educated decisions based on educated thought.

So as we move forward in the pages of our website, I will try to bring you as many of the fascinating Damascus steel items, such as this gun barrel, that I can so long as I can count on the quality of the item.

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