If We Are Not Scrap Metal Buyers, Or Scrap Suppliers, We Are The Intermediary.

An intermediary is the third party offering a brokering service between two trading parties. The intermediary offers added benefits to the transaction that may not have been possible by direct trading.

Oh, ok, that sounds simple enough.

If It Were Simple, Then Everyone Would Do It.

It is not as cut and dry as it seems. You are not the scrap metal buyer, nor are you the scrap metal supplier, you are now going to become both. Crap! There's always a catch.

That dream that we all had of sitting at home in our boxers, making so much money that we would have to move out of our town, just to buy a home that would be big enough to suit our needs, just came to a crashing halt! Well, maybe just a temporary one, because that house is still a doable goal, but now we are going to have to earn it, and that requires closing more than one deal.

It will also require you to put your pants on, and leave the house. So get your sunglasses out if it's been awhile since you opened the front door. We are going to have to go outside.

Pretend we just went through the phone directory at home, and we see that there are 14 scrap metal yards in our state. We called them all, and four said, they would do business, if we had the money. (If you aim for the smaller hometown yards, you will find it easier to do that business)

What do you mean “small?” Oh, didn’t I tell you on the other pages? Large quantities do not exist for you and me! However, we can do 5000mt in containers out of a yard, with somewhere between a $5 and $10 profit per ton, and have it shipped in 5 weeks. Sorry if that is not enough money for you, you might be in the wrong business.

After you have secured a supplier at the scrap yard, you will need to find the scrap buyer quickly, because the prices change overnight and the amounts do as well. You need to be able to offer what is available. When you confirm that you have a buyer that can purchase and meet terms and conditions, you call the scrap yard again to make sure it is still available.

Are You Still Here?

If you didn’t leave the page after the reality check and you have obtained a scrap metal yard, then we now need to secure a scrap metal buyer. Go to "scrap buyer securing" and let's find out how.

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