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"Educated Decisions Based On Educated Thought"

“Making Educated Decisions Based on Educated Thought.“

Here at The Steel Suppliers Guide, that is not just a slogan or some catch phrase that we just all of a sudden came up with one day, but it is indeed our way of thinking, and our way of life. The simple fact that you are here on this page today, makes me believe that it may possibly be yours as well. So let’s get started with a bit of knowledge as to who we are and what we are about.

The Steel Suppliers Guide was created to be just that, a guide to a variety of your steel product needs. Whether that need includes being further educated as to what types of “do it yourself” Steel Building Kits are available on the market or maybe about the remarkable items created from the legendary “Damascus steel.” You can find it all right here, and by the way, there’s a really great story behind Damascus steel, so stick around and I’ll tell it to you.

Don’t worry “International Traders,” the Steel Suppliers Guide certainly did not forget about you. After all, if you read my “About Your Guide” page you will quickly understand why I know what I know, and why it is imperative that you know it as well.

Opening your mind to the realities of the trade business will definitely give you the ability to make an, “Educated Decision Based on Educated Thought” Now where have I heard that before? Something tells me that I’ll be hearing it again. Hmmm, what are the odds of that?

We are going to touch on a host of subjects that are extremely important for all of us to know and to understand. Subjects such as:

“Scrap Metal Prices” separating the reality of steel scrap prices from the scrap metal prices meant to tickle your ears while wasting your time, money, and energy.

“Scrap Buyers & Steel Suppliers” What is the difference and which one are you? Are you either at this point? Let s take a deeper look into that question.

“Steel Mills & Manufacturers” I have personally vetted over 300 companies in the Indian steel industry that not only purchase scrap metal, but also mill and manufacture iron ore, billets, ingots, cold steel, stainless steel, steel pipe, steel tubes, steel bars, steel coils, steel plates, and the list goes on and on! Interested? Thought you might be. We will get into a bit more detail about it with you further in the site.

But first, On behalf of “Steel Suppliers Guide.com,” I would like to welcome each and every one of you in to our home. Please feel free to make it your home as well, and stay as long as you like. Have a seat, kick your shoes off, and please forgive the construction. We are continually building on and adding windows for a better view. And if there is anything that you need that I can get for you, please do not hesitate to ask. Our goal is to help you to help yourself. Please enjoy the tour.

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The Steel Industry Was Born In The 1850's. The Father Was Sir Henry Bessemer.
Sir Henry Bessemer is the reason that the steel industry was able to get off the ground. If he were alive, we would all owe him a Christmas card every year. Thank you sir for your contribution.
Steel Building Kits, Heavily Endorsed By some Of the Best Trees In The Forest
You may find it a bit interesting to know that some if not all of the steel that is in your Steel Building Kits are probably from someone’s kitchen and were filled with veggies beforehand.
Japanese Steel, More Than Just Swords Or Knives, It's Pure Art
Japanese steel, first thing that comes to your mind is a Katana sword or what are also called a Samurai Swords. And the second is Japanese Stainless Steel. We will tell you a bit about both.
Damascus Steel, A Steel With A History That Still Remains A Legend
Damascus steel is still a very sought after commodity. Not for just its quality and beauty. But also the mystery and the history that continually surrounds it.
The Steel Suppliers Guide
The Steel Suppliers Guide has over 300 listings of steel mills and manufacturers ready to purchase scrap metal!
The Steel Suppliers Guide, A Guide to Steel Suppliers, and Scrap Metal buyers
You can continue to work in The Steel Trade with complete uncertainty, or we can place you direct with Steel Mills and Manufacturers through our Steel Suppliers Guide. It's up to you...
Shipping Companies Will Help You Estimate The Cost Of Doing Business.
Shipping companies are going to help you figure out what the cost of doing business is, especially when it comes to shipping containers. The ones that are worth anything will welcome your business.
Scrap Buyer Securing Can Really Suck If You Are Using The Wrong People To Get It
The scrap buyer securing part of the equation can really suck, if you now have scrap, and decide to call the person that you working with a month ago, that may or may not even exist.
Is Scrap Metal Trade Real? Or Just A Real Good Scam...
For those that may be thinking about a career in the scrap metal trade business, I find that the most frequently asked question posed to me is if it is real or a real good hoax.
We Are The Intermediary When The Words Buyer Or Supplier Do Not Apply
An intermediary is the third party that offers a brokering service between two trading parties. The intermediary offers some added value to the transaction that may not be possible by direct trading.
Scrap Metal, The “S” Is Not Silent In Scrap
When did everyone stop understanding the importance of scrap metal? Being able to use what resources we have is not just important, it is detrimental to our future.
Building My Online Business
By the way, there is no get rich quick online business out there at all! Please get that idea out of your mind before you are trapped where you do not want to be.
A Little About Me
What I want others to know about me is, I want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. I have been there, and done that.. I hope to help by sharing my knowledge with you.
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Carport Kits Are An Incredibly Economical Alternative To A Garage
Need and money are of course the terms for consideration. Carport kits put a roof over the head so that you can get to the house from the car and stay out of the elements.
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