Scrap Buyer Securing Can Really Suck, "If" You Are Using The Wrong People To Do So.

The scrap buyer securing part of this equation can really suck, bust mostly if you now have the scrap metal, and decide that you are going to call the person you were working with a month ago.

You know, the one that found you on a trade site, that said he has a friend, that knows a broker, who has a second cousin, that works at a steel mill somewhere in another country, who was put in charge of finding some scrap metal for his bosses mill that may or may not exist.

Nevertheless, go ahead if you need to. I always wish everyone the best, and it might be a lesson you need to learn. As soon as you tell that person, he will market the scrap as if it’s his own and do the same endless BS that you could do yourself with proper guidance.

Please Don't Make The Same Mistake Twice.

The scrap metal supplier you just managed to secure is going to be gone when you put together a bad deal. For some reason, maybe your scrap buyer securing methods were amateur compared to the ones you used to secure the supply. We all make mistakes but that one is going to be costly. Real suppliers are not abundant, I assure you.

Am I frustrating everyone, or are most of you here because you actually want to do this as your carrier? I have a feeling that it may be a bit of both. No, it probably is a lot of both.

We want to make the money that international trade offers us but we don’t want to hear that we have to work to get it. Yeah, I totally understand.

However, because that is just a fantasy that does not exist, we are going to have to learn how to move forward instead.

Where Were We?

Oh yeah, scrap buyer securing. We now have scrap metal we know exists. We can touch it, smell it, and spend the night with it if we want. We got real pictures and a real contract with a real supplier, the scrap yard. However, it does not stay around forever. It is first come, first serve.

You have to mirror everything that you and the scrap metal supplier have talked about and offer nothing different. You are his representative, his intermediary, and what he says goes, and nothing different.

Now you are a supplier, so to speak. You can look in the mirror and say with all certainty that you are who you are, and not have to convince yourself or anyone else of something that you are not. That is a good thing. Soon you will also have to mirror the buyer as well. I know, I make things so hard. That’s because it is hard.

Doing scrap buyer securing is a bit different. It’s time for us to become the intermediary between both parties. India is going to be a good place to look and sell everything that you have. So let’s head over to the Steel Suppliers Guide Page. Later we will need to deal with shipping. Oh yeah, that may very well be part of your job, but we will see. If we can get away with not doing it then don’t! It is not a fun job to deal with. Put A and B together and babysit the loading if you can and that is it.

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