Is The Scrap Metal Business Stress Getting To You Yet?

Is the scrap metal business stress starting to sink in out there? Then you must be somewhere on your third month and falling out of denial, or have been in denial for a very long time and the fact that your wife left you, took the kids and the dog, starting to make you wonder if this is just a game or is it real.

It all started when you received that first responded email, offering you a job that doesn’t exist, from a person that you do not know, in a kingdom far, far away. Wow, that was starting to sound like a fairy tale for a minute.

It Is, Unless You Know What You Are Doing.

I can assure you that it is very real. Trade has been a part of every culture since the beginning of time and will be for long after we are gone. Some trade in futures, we trade in the now.

However, the scrap metal buyers, and scrap metal suppliers that are on the internet do not have the scrap, or the scrap buyer. That means they are frauds or they are just like us and are confused as to what is real and what is not.

These people are very experienced; they can see you coming from a mile away. They are well trained to get you on their team. We don’t know any better unless we know how to conduct business the right way in the first place.

However, the extra large amounts of money from deals that will never close, is so much more that it makes it hard to do this the right way, even if it is the only way that you will make a dime. Mice will do the same think to get to the cheese, thinking that they are going to be able to outrun the spring loaded trap and then, wham!

As your wife is leaving the door with your kids and the dog, you are telling her that this one is the one, this person said that I was the best in the business he had ever seen and he was going to make sure that I was paid even if it were out of his own pocket.

"Desperate And Crazy"

The scrap metal business stress factor will make you desperate and make you believe some crazy stuff that you never would have believed before. It will make you lose your home as well as the family over things you would never have risked them for before. This is all done for a person who does not care if you are homeless when he or she is finished with you.

Let me tell you this right up from so that you are aware of it, I do not do this site to try to do any deals with any of you. I am not going to attempt to close a deal with any of you. I am doing this part of the site to try to get more of us to do the scrap metal business correctly so that the crooks will have to go to another commodity.

"It's Not About Me"

I am doing it so that less of you lose your entire life thinking it is something that it is not. If that brings us to a point of closing a deal together than great, but it will not be through here. My other company I will not disclose here. If you find it then you were doing the right things to begin with.

The rest of the stuff I just do for fun. In addition, the eBooks I do for your own good. Buy one or don’t buy one, it is up to you. I am only doing 100 per year of the ones I bother to release. I have five but you are allowed to purchase the one from India at this time. I will tell you some stories real soon that has happened to me in the past so that you aware of them.

I assure you that the scrap metal business stress has hit me more than once as well. If you have a story, you would like to share, please contact me through the contact page. Stay on your toes and keep your day job until you close the first deal.

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