Scrap Metal Suppliers Are Defined As; Those Who Have The Ability To Supply Scrap.

That is a very basic definition of the phrase, scrap metal suppliers. It doesn’t amaze me that we all know the definition. What does amaze me is how many of us have defined ourselves as that person, knowing that we do not own any supply. I include myself as one who has done so.

If we do not own the scrap metal, or have proper connections to a scrap yard, then we are not the scrap metal supplier. At the most, we will become the intermediary for that supplier and that is all. However, does that make you less important? No, because your job is still the same exact job and it is vitally important to those who need you.

However, lying to yourself about who you are, and to others, makes you dishonest and untrustworthy on the very first phone call. If they don’t know it at that moment, they will soon find out. Sorry, I don’t mean to kick you in the groin, but that is the reality.

Good News!

The good news is that if you are honest, you will have zero lies to have to cover for in the future. More times than not the person, you are trying to sell scrap to will thank you for being up front, and will trust you more than if you were trying to be someone you are not.

What if you were the person with the purchasing power and you found yourself lied to from the start? Would you feel as if you could trust the person on the other side with your money? Alternatively, would you feel as if you were going to lose your money when it came down to the end of the deal? I’m not saying that those were, or are your intentions, but it will come across that way if you are not careful.

We Can Move Forward And Succeed.

So from this day forward, let’s stop pretending that we are the scrap metal suppliers, because the person with that title owns the scrap yard. What we need to do is change our way of thinking, and become the person the scrap metal buyer is in the market for.

If we go into a store, we generally purchase only the items that we need. If two machines that are identical in quality, and features, sit right next to each other, but one of them is half the price of the other, which one do you buy? Obvious isn't it? Let’s use the same concept towards our consumer, the scrap buyer.

We need to become the product the steel mills and manufacturers are in the market for. You could convince yourself that you will make more money if you are a full priced machine, but not if you are still sitting on the shelf.

Ok Glenn, so if we are not the scrap metal suppliers, or the buyers, but instead the intermediaries, what does that job consist of in scrap metal trading? Good question, the answer is on the intermediary page. Let’s go over there and figure it out real quick.

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