Scrap Metal Yards Do Not Have An Endless Supply, Sell Whatever You Can Get!

Scrap metal yards are going to be different wherever you go, and depending on where you live. I live here in America so I can tell you how it works here, as far as the availability of scrap metal to you and to me.

Below there are two “scrap metal yards” that my partner and I sold out of this year, 2010. It is not necessary for you to steel pictures when you have the real thing available to you. I do not lock these down because if you still want to stay on that path then my pictures will do you no good regardless.


There may be scrap metal yards with piles so high somewhere that I could never reach the top but, I have never seen any that are “available" to you, or to me. Why would they not be available to me?

Well if you have seen any contract that has weight to it then you have read the clause that mentions, “rollovers and extensions,” correct.

Therefore, unless the scrap metal buyer that has been purchasing for the last 25 years, from that same yard, suddenly goes out of business, it is to someone else, the scrap has been promised.

The steel mills and manufacturers here, mostly use the scrap metal yards in the middle of our country, the U.S. It was the reason that most of the scrap yards started their business in the first place. In addition, and for the most part, they cannot keep up. There are some on the coasts, or close enough to them, that the over the road cost won’t break the deal, but here is the issue.

American Phone Call To A Scrap Metal Yard.

This is a normal phone call but I will make it shorter than it would be,

Hello sir my name is Glenn, how are you?

What do you want Glenn? (He does not want to talk to me or anyone else)

I have a buyer of scrap metal that is in need of purchase; do you have any available for sale?

That depends on how much you need and when you will have the money. We take cash only or TT, no L/C or any other payment instruments and we will need 25% down to start the process, and hold the scrap. It is first come first serve, and the scrap metal prices are whatever the top bidder of the day says it is.

Now at this point, if you say you need 12,500mt X 12months the phone goes “click.” Why is that Glenn? Doesn’t he want to sell us a huge amount of scrap and retire? That is where I to had a lot to learn as well.

Let Me Repeat This One More Time!

"There is no such thing as 12,500mt available here in the U.S!" Not that you, or I will ever touch. I can guarantee you that it is the same in every other country.

They want 25% of the full contract to secure it. Just one month is about 1.5 million at today’s price, just to hold it.

How big is your brief case? Mine is smaller than that, and the boys in India are not going to front it to you.

You will find this issue in every country, so if you are talking to a broker that you are attempting to do business with, and he has not taken you to the scrap metal yard if you are buying, or the mill if you are selling, then you are not going to close a deal. Someone may get some money out of it, but you will never see him or her again, and that person now has a different name. Ok, sorry this page was long; let’s move to your next interest so that we can get to the parts where we will be able to resolve this problem for you.

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