"The Scrap Metal Business" And Its Popular Lies We Choose To Believe.

"Desperation Will Cause Fantasy To Become Real."

The scrap metal business not only has many myths to contend with but it has that tickle me until I’m giddy glamour feel to it. You know the one, where you now finally realize that the broker on the other side of the world that doesn’t have verifiable information for you to check on just said you were the only one in a year he felt he could trust.

Wow, that feels good! The credibility in that statement is the same as the prostitute that said you were the best she has ever had. The scrap metal business is sort of like that prostitute in the way that you will be, you know what, and someone will take your money if you are foolish enough to think that those words are true.

Here is what a person like myself will tell you so that I can get rid of the garbage and get back to business. First, you will know the payment terms and if you can follow them then we move forward.

Next, the end buyer will call me to finalize the agreement and we will plan for a yard visit when I know that the funds are in place. When he sees the yard, he will shake my hand and tell me to start loading the containers. That is a basic breakdown but you understand the meaning.

I do not have to and absolutely cannot compromise my agreements with the scrap metal business that is selling me the scrap. I am not myself in this situation, I am the scrap metal yard owner, I represent him and soon I will represent both with the help of a real trader like you are or will be, or I work directly with the thousands of real buyers that I have the names and addresses to in my rolodex. Either way, I stay focused on deriving a conclusion for me.

I am going to show you how to stay off the internet trade sites for good. Those sites are for those that want to advertise but not sell or for those that never had a scrap metal buyer or a scrap metal seller to begin with.

"Most Common Myth"

Another very common myth is that a scrap metal buyer needs you. This is not at all true and I’ll explain why. Have you ever even considered that most buyers have enough money to send the fourth in line at the company, to get scrap metal for them? Wouldn’t it be better if they simply pay in cash without paying excessive amounts of money for a broker? Quite a concept don’t you think?

It’s a whole lot cheaper to do that, if someone like you is trying to get rich off one deal, and not just trying to make a great living. You may very well get the job, but being paid may be tricky in the end. Does the word bypassed ring a bell? Keep that in mind while we are trying to rethink our strategies moving forward. Reality does suck, but it sucks worse if we choose to ignore it. Ok, back to this.

Your job is to create a value to both parties. They need to know that what you are doing is going to help them and it is going to be worth the money. You don’t tell them the amount per ton but you have to keep it real enough that they don’t need to wonder about it.

As we go along, I hope to get some stories from you guys about the crap you have been through and then we can start to post the success stories soon after. Don’t worry people; you will get it together very soon. The scrap metal business will soon be a friend and not a foe.

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