Men’s Handcrafted Wedding Rings Made From
Damascus Steel.

Handcrafted wedding rings represent your personality and not what the rest of the world feels a wedding ring should be. A Damascus ring may be what you are in the market for.

There are a few great jewelers out there making handcrafted wedding rings out of forged Damascus steel and then there are those that have rings made from pressed powder. Don’t get me wrong, I would wear either but it just depends on the type of authenticity you are shooting for, if any.

What I have put together below is not the history of the Damascus ring, because there are no real stories behind it in general.

I believe one day not too long ago, a jeweler said to himself, “Wow that Damascus steel is pretty darn awesome, I bet I could make a really nice handcrafted wedding ring from that.” Therefore, it was. Well maybe, I’m not sure because I have no proof but I’m the one telling the story.

If you have another story that is actually true or even one that sounds good enough to be true, then let me know and we can put together a page that was made by you right here on my site! That is not a joke; I would do it if it were good enough to be here.

If you also happen to make handcrafted wedding rings, and would share some pictures, and your story with us, that would be great. You may even want to advertise a class to teach others how it is done. Some of you may be more sentimental than I am when it comes to weddings, wedding rings, or anything else that has to do with love. Or, you may be whipped and the wife makes all your decisions. Who Am I to judge? I'm the man of steel, my heart is forged, just don’t tell my wife.


Parts of this story may or may not be true and are solely there for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to start any arguments, though if it does I want to hear the juicy details. It is solely the opinion or maybe not even the opinion of the person telling it. Even though it has a lot of truth embedded into it, you do not have to nod your head while reading it in front of the wife and continually say, “Yep, he must have met my wife.”

If you do so and you are divorced or the wedding is called off before you receive you nice new custom handcrafted wedding ring, they simply double as cool rings as well. Therefore, you lose the women but gain a ring. Sounds like an even exchange to me. I’m just kidding ladies, I love you all.

"Reality Check"

I’ll tell you a story, but it doesn’t start with “once upon a time” or “their love was the type of love that could not be broken.” It also may not be documented truth either. So here it is.

Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman whose love could not be broken. Ok, so I lied! The reason it could not be broken was due to the law that stated they were to be married until death do they part. At some point or another one would end up disappearing, never to be seen again. Then lawyers came and fixed most of that issue, dividing everything equally or unequally in thirds. One of the thirds was the lawyer's of course.

"Chapter 1.5"

The ring is a completed circle that represented eternity to the Egyptians. This is probably why there were so many that worshipped the sun and the moon as a God because they were round and were symbols of life here on earth and possibly even life after earth depending on the person or their culture. It was wore the same as today because, it was believed that the vein in what we call the ring finger ran straight to the heart, sniffle, sniffle, and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

This belief caused ancient Egyptians to make circles and rings out of reeds and grasses from along the banks of the Nile and put them around there wrists and their fingers. Men probably used their wrist because even today men’s wedding rings have an uncomfortable feel to them. I’m just kidding ladies, don’t send hate mail. Again, don’t tell my wife I said that either.

As you can imagine, these earlier handcrafted wedding rings were not going to be good enough for very long. One day, as the story goes, the wife of a whipped husband came running from her bedroom and demanding that she have a diamond on her finger with a band made of gold. He looked her straight in the eye and said, “Yes dear.” So he worked two jobs and… Hey, it’s my story, as I said, send me yours and we will start a blog or something.

A real man would have said, “You will wear a Damascus wedding ring and you will like it woman!” Moreover, she probably would have when compared to the grass rings back then and even compared to the same old, same old of today. The husband did happen to find one in town made of Iron, and it was a one of a kind handcrafted wedding ring, just not Damascus.

There was however the slight issue with the woman’s finger turning a wonderful rust color and friend; you didn’t want to be around the day that happened. Gold rings were used for trading in that day. In fact, it was probably was a gold ring he used to purchase the Iron ring. He probably got his change back and headed to the local pub got some chicken wings, and watched the game with the boys.

"Men Didn’t Even Wear Rings"

A man didn’t even wear a wedding ring on a normal basis until WWII. This happened because they were being separated from their wives and they wore them as a reminder of what they had left behind and what they left Back home. It also explains why some packed miniature broomsticks in their backpacks as well. Again, it’s a joke ladies!

Today, as it always will be, everyone gets a ring. The good news is we have choices that are much better than those made of grass or rusty old Iron. If a man really doesn’t care and the wife picks out his clothes in the morning as his mommy did as a child, then he probably just wears the ring she made him buy.

However, a real man that wants to represent himself may want to turn to a one of a kind handcrafted wedding ring made from Damascus steel! I’m going to get me one as soon as the wife lets me.

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