"Garage Kits"
If You Can Put Together A Swing Set You Can Do This.

I could not find any type of history on the garage kits but I did find a little history on the garage itself. Therefore, here is some of the history of the garage as far as we can tell.

"History Of The Garage"

The “word” garage was probably around a whole lot sooner than the garage itself. It defiantly wasn't what we know it as today. Back when it first arrived in our vocabulary there weren't any cars to park inside of one. Moreover, the old pole barn was probably good enough at first when there were.

The word garage is a word that was taken from the French word “garage” which was recorded in the year 1802 and was used to define a place where one would dock. The word was derived from the verb “garer,” meaning to put merchandise under a shelter, which in their case meant securing the boat.

Later it was used to describe the place where you put your vehicle for safe keeping. In the year 1901, the French recorded the term, “a garage” using it as a noun rather than just a verb. In 1902, the English borrowed it and so it was.

Of course, most homes that are built today come with a garage built right on the side. If it didn't, then you may be in themarket to purchase a garage building kit.

Steel garage kits are easy to deal with. All the pieces are cut in advance and it doesn’t require any fancy tools or a special education in construction. It’s just a glass of lemon aid and a set of instructions.

However for reasons that are self explanatory to the person I am going to describe below, we must include a special warning with all of these “do-it-yourself items like this one, the pole barn kits, shed kits garage kits and carport kits on the other pages throughout this site:


If you have trouble at Christmas putting together the kid’s bike, making toast or maybe boiling water takes a set of instructions to accomplish, then you may want to seek the help of a professional to assemble your new garage kit. You know who you are, or at least your wife does if you are still in denial.

"Back To The Garage Kit"

Most of the kits today have a frame with interlocking parts. Once you managed to put that part together, then the rest is just pieces to a puzzle. This piece goes here and that piece goes there and if there aren't any extra pieces left over then you probably have done it close enough to correct that it will stay up. It is actually easy and is generally coded so that mistakes are minimal.

As with most of these steel building kits, you won't have to worry about the problems that wood will bring you such as rot and termites and the need to repaint it every so often.

Because I was a contractor for 20 years, I will say that the best colors to get are the ones with less pigment in them.

If you go with white you are good to go but colors like blue, green, some yellows and red, will tend to fade quicker and it will need to be repainted eventually. Write to me through our contact page and I’ll help you out with some tips if you wish. Meanwhile use bleach for the mold and hose it down.

These garage kits come in a lot of sizes and colors so getting the one that you want won't be hard. Don’t just accept getting what is available, because you won’t be happy with it. Get what you are picturing in your mind and if the company doesn’t have it or is not willing to point you in the right direction then move on to the next person.

So anyways, if you are looking to do an add-on then I suggest using steel for many reasons that you already know and I suggest using a garage kit because all the work is done for you and you just put it together with the set of instructions. Now let’s go a few of those instructions shall we?

"An Educated Thought"

I’m sure that you know what you want to use it for so make sure that the size is going to be plenty and that you have the property to put it on. It may look good to you in the neighbor's flower garden but that feeling may not be mutual.

Make sure that it is the right look for your home. Maybe send a picture to the dealer to help you to analyze it. He or she may have a program that can put it all together for you and show you a finished look. You never know until you ask. Also, ask if there are support poles inside the garage that you might not have thought of and they will get in your way when trying to put the “Hummer” inside.

As always on all of these kits, ask a lot of questions so the prep work will be done before it arrives and make sure that you have all of the correct building permits before you start, or it may be coming right back down. I’m sure you have heard it before but I'll say it again, always make an educated decision based on educated thought. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me. Good luck with everything!

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