"Horse Barn Kits"
Make A Barn Raising Part Of Your Families Tradition.

The horse barn kits that I have seen are extremely beautiful and are worth looking into. They come in wood as well as steel so it is up to you to determine your needs, but first, as always a little history about the horse barn.

"History Of The Horse Barn"

As far as we can tell, the first horse barns were probably built in Europe. When the Europeans came over here, they found it hard to erect a barn of European design because of the difference in weather patterns and the materials that were ready available.

In the 1800’s a carpenter by the name of “Augustine Taylor” developed a barn that was a horse barn kit of its day. It was a very different look than what farmers were used to seeing back home in Europe. It was now the looks of what we know as an American barn. American barns have a since been a tradition and the design is signature in our minds even today.

The first horse barns were built by the Dutch settlers along the Hudson, Mohawk, and Schoharie valleys in N.Y. and different sections of New Jersey. There are very few that remain. They were repaired until it was not worth the effort. Some of them are still around in wore out conditions where the elements are not as harsh, but it is rare to get to see one.

"An American Tradition"

Even today, a barn rising brings a piece of American spirit and tradition along with it, especially amongst the Dutch. It is a tradition with a sense of pride. More often than not, a farmer will raise a barn before even building his home.

If you happen to live in one of these communities, it isn’t hard to get the whole neighborhood together to lend a hand. You will find that the same people have a huge respect for the land, people and the communities around them. I wish we were all like them in that regards.

Barns have been transformed over time into sheds for tractors and storage for hay but they are still used widely for cattle and horses. You probably will not find it much of a surprise to know that often an old barn is reconstructed to be a home for a family or even a new home that is being built will be in the design of a barn.

Researching this subject has made me think deeper about the barn and its effect on our country. It really has been a huge part of our culture and they certainly are a bit cooler to me then they once were. These structures often become landmarks in our communities. They made them to last, often they did.

"Modern Barns Come In Great Selections"

Today, the horse barn kits give us many great options from which to choose. The better option is going to be the metal horse barn kits because they are stronger and more cost efficient.

They are also fireproof so that we can sleep better at night. If they do not have the ability to soak up the elements then they have a better chance of not warping any time in the near future. When you have a large structure that spans out in length, it is good to take into consideration so there are no surprises down the road.

Even though the barn may seem a bit overwhelming to anyone at first to erect, a horse barn kit is made in such a way that you can do it yourself with a few friends and a BBQ.

It will save you a lot of money to put into something else if you think you can handle the job. On the other hand, you may just not have the time to deal with it so you will want to get someone out there to give you an estimate, get your land prepped out, and make sure that all of your building permits are in order.

In case you feel you want to give it a shot, there are easy to follow instructions and all the parts and pieces are right there for you. You never know when you may have just started your very own family tradition to pass along to your kids and their kids as well. If you do a family barn rising, send pictures and I’ll put then on the site or even let you make a page on my site all for yourself.

Let me know if there is anything, I can do for you. You can contact me whenever you need to. Good luck with everything that you do!

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