"Shed Kits And Man Caves," One In The Same?

Here we are again and this time we are going to be talking about some shed kits that are available to you. I wanted to of coarse bring you the history of the steel shed kit but I would more than likely have to bring you the history of steel and the history of sheds and then the history of kits because I have yet to find the history of the kit itself.

However I did find a bit of history on the shed that is pretty cool and there are some books below that I will be directing you to that are a cool read as well. They certainly gave me some ideas. First:

"The History Of The Shed"

The word has been around forever and comes from the Old English word “shad, shadde, or shedde.” The word meant a separation or a division.

The first time that the word was recorded was back in 1481 in a sentence that went like this, “A yearde in whiche was a shade where in were six grete dogges.” No, these are not typos, That was just the way it was written back then and over there.

The full history of the shed would be excessively long to go into here but you may find it interesting read further either on line or in a book so we will just focus on some stuff where we can relate.

Even in Italy there were some bronze tablets found that dated back as early as 330BC. On these tablets, there were instructions as to the dimensions of a shed that was to be built on a piece of land for the storage of straw. If it goes that far back then I will just deal with some of the cool stuff.

There is a man by the name, “Mark Thomson” (Above) who wrote the book, “Blokes and Sheds.” It is a book about the passion Australian men has for their sheds. To them, it is their “Man Cave.” Anything outside of the house, but close enough to the kitchen isn’t that bad of a place to begin with and if you convince the wife that you have to drive a snake out of there every time you go in then she will stay out and leave you alone for a while.

Another Author by the name “Gordon Thorburn” wrote the book, “Men and Sheds” which talks about the shed being a place of retreat and is a male necessity. Supposedly, it is a place of comfort during their retirement. I guess I can see that. I would have to clean it out enough to be able to get in it though, so it may not happen. Ok, we are done with the stories so now let’s talk about the shed kits shall we?

"Shed Kits"

There are more than just steel shed kits out there for you to choose from but I focus on steel because of the business that I am in. But you need to choose according to your needs of course. Metal storage sheds are commonly made from aluminum or galvanized steel and need to be anchored in some way or another so that a high wind doesn't come along and give your shed to a lucky or maybe not so lucky neighbor.

If they are not made of wood they will not rot out and the paint will last for a good long time. But I have seen some of the cheaper ones rust out over a short period. If you are looking for a man cave, then you may want it to be insulated, and have windows and a place to put an air conditioner. A refrigerator wouldn’t be bad either and I would put a BBQ grill right outside of it and…Wow! Where was I?

"Keep In Mind"

Ok so as usual be forewarned, if you cannot put together a tricycle or you cut yourself with plastic knives then you may want to have the wife put the shed kit together for you. Or if she says, “It’s your Man Cave” then stick your chest out and walk straight out the door and right up to that shed kit, take out your cell phone and call the neighbor kid to help you. Don’t be embarrassed, he is only there to hold up the side while you attach it.

Make sure that if you are in need of any permits that you have those taken care of prior to getting the shed kit and make sure that it is going to fit in your yard only unless you and the neighbor are planning to share it. If you have any questions that I can answer for you then feel free to contact me. Good luck with everything!

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